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Asking, Giving and Avoid Giving Opinions

Frans Enriko Siregar

Contoh percakapan.

At a Restaurant

A : You know it's about time we increased the company performance or else we lose the competition.

B : You're right. Our turnover has been high in the past five years. Our competitors are hijacking our best employees. I can't blame them for leaving.

C : In my opinion, what we need is a change in the company culture.

A : What do you think, B?

B : I believe we can already make a great difference by changing the work atmosphere. Say, by creating a comfortable and relaxing work atmosphere.

A : I know what you mean. We spend most of our time at the office. It's our second home.

C : Exactly. Did you hear that Google offers its employees workout facilities, cafe, and snack room?

B : I'd rather not say anything about that. I'm afraid we can't go as far as Google.

C : No, but we can change our office interior design, the seating arrangements...

A : It seems to me that it's really a great idea as a start. We...

Dari contoh di atas kita dapat menyatakan ekspresi:
Asking For Opinions

  • What do you think?
  • Do you think so?
  • What's your opinion?
  • What are your feelings about ... ?
  • What do you think about ... ?
Giving Opinions
  • In my opinion, ...
  • You know it's about time ...
  • It seems to me ...
  • I believe ...
  • From my point of view, ...
  • I don't think ...
Avoid Giving Opinions
  • I'd rather I can't comment on this.
  • I'd prefer not to say anything about it.
  • I'd rather not talk about it, if you don't mind.
  • Oh, please. Not that.
  • That's none of my business.

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